This is a Pete Howlett revelator, thin body electro tenor ukulele, made in Wales. This one has a an all solid construction, with a thin body … The finish gives it a nice classical touch, and the sound is brighter than a traditional ukulele, which allows the playing of the melody to stand out. The solid wood used is aged korina, which is particularly smooth an. Solid wood … Wood type, environmental changes, playing, and oils from the player's skin actually contribute to enriching the tone of the ukulele… All solid wood ukuleles are like a fine wine that betters with age. However, made of Koa wood and solid wood, this tenor ukulele does not just confirm the great sound and tone but also the durability. The instrument has a natural wood pattern and to give it a more beautiful look the … The fingerboard and bridge are ebony, … This tenor ukulele is handmade of solid koa wood, which is protected by a gorgeous high-gloss finish and accented with an abalone inlay that surrounds the sound hole. This is a popular model of Cordoba, and this tenor size ukulele features a solid mahogany top, back, and sides. The Gretsch T9120 Tenor Ukulele is a mahogany laminate uke, pre-strung with Aquila Nygluck strings and weighing in at about 3.6lbs. Moreover, the fretboard is of premium rosewood, which will provide you … UKE Republic carries a wide variety of all solid wood ukuleles in soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes.

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