This is how we'd get the chords for our modes G Ionian, A Dorian, B Phrygian, C Lydian, D Mixolydian, E Aeolian and F♯ Locrian. The F Lydian is the same as the F Major apart from one note, the fourth in the scale. You might be playing in a piece set in the Lydian mode full of Lydian melodies and Lydian chords, but if an F natural sounds better than an F#, then just use the F natural. F-sharp lydian chords. The chords of the F lydian mode: …can be derived by picking out its first, third, fifth, (and seventh tones). Start making sense of chords, scales, modes and finding the key to help you be more creative on the guitar. Another very famous mode and the fourth in our series is the Lydian mode. No one is forcing you to stick to a set of rigid rules (unless they actually are, in which case, ignore me). It contains exactly the same notes, but starts on another note. While we are using C major scale as the reference point therefore the Lydian mode we will learn in this lesson is the F Lydian. The Solution below shows the F-sharp lydian mode triad chords (I, II, iii, iv o, V, vi, vii) on a piano, with mp3 and midi audio.. Now, play the same chord progression with the chords generated from the Lydian mode (you can see the chords of the Lydian mode with the tool at the top of this page): Now you have C, G, Am and F#b5 (because of the sharp 4th of the Lydian mode). The Lydian Mode. You can see that Lydian scales are related to Major: the F Lydian is like a C Major played from F. The intervals in the Lydian Mode are also similar to the Major Scale, only the fourth note deviates. The first, third, and fifth tones of the F lydian mode: …are F, A, and C: …and that’s the F major triad: In addition to the triad we just derived, we can add the seventh tone (which is E): …to the F … Related chords. The F Lydian is a mode of the C Major Scale. C Lydian Mode Db Lydian Mode D Lydian Mode Eb Lydian Mode E Lydian Mode F Lydian Mode F# Lydian Mode G Lydian Mode Ab Lydian Mode A Lydian Mode Bb Lydian Mode B Lydian Mode ... not so much on the rest. Lydian Mode. By learning the theory and practical implementation of F Lydian you will be able to apply this understanding on Lydian mode in any other key. So all we're really doing is harmonising the appropriate major (parent) scale in chord form and identifying one of its degrees as the center/tonic of our modal progression. See also Lydian Dominant. The Lydian Mode is the fourth of the seven modes.

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