An included option is missing from the emailed docs and my wife’s date of birth is incorrect despite assurances it would be fixed.I hope it is smoother after a poor onboarding. I was contacted very quickly by a representative via email & followed up by a phone call. The phone tree options are a little repetitive and confusing (but whose aren't! I was impressed by how quickly things were done. Cigna’s Bronze Plan does not provide an annual limit for specific services that they cover. are all hospitals and docs covered. I don't want to find myself in a hospital or with a doctor that isn't covered. And great service! Dealing with Cigna has been great: Stephen helped me through all the steps/explained the cover levels and details by email, but without bombarding me every day with requests for updates - good balance! I would strongly recommend against purchasing this policy. I did not need to follow up even once on any of the things I needed. Very friendly and helpful staff. James Cairn was persistent and extremely professional. Call our Customer Care Team 24/7 Worldwide: +44 (0)1475 788 182 United States: 800 835 7677. Is this the kind of customer service I should expect in that instance?I am very disappointed. A very seamless and professional experience. Fantastic & user-friendly website, with immediate quotes & variety of plans offered which are clearly explained. Global Group Plans; Global Individual Plans ; Plans Reviewed. Here, medical worker use to ask for the physical card and not a card printed from pdf. It is unacceptable from a so-called trusted health care provider to not respond and not return my money!!! I wish I could write a better review than this, as for a few years my relationship with Cigna Global Health was positive (admittedly I used their service for nearly three years and only made one claim...) However, after recently moving to Indonesia I had to open a new plan … Easy application through agenta little disappointed that CIGNA don't tell me who and where I should go to in an emergency in my district. I felt that the my agent Gavin was knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. Thank you for a very fast and professional service. The value of the coverage was better that other options that I evaluated. Bronze Plan. Thanks, Mike. This has been escalated to our Customer Service team to contact you as soon as possible. The representative, Sharon, was very relaxed & friendly with the final paperwork emailed to me in a matter of hours, after paying the first premium. I have had a horrific experience with Cigna global, both with the time in processing claims and the exclusion policy, which is systematically used to deny care. Cigna sales team were very helpful and patient in explaining the options available. Quite honestly, I might have gone in another direction if she hadn't illustrated exemplary customer service. I was provided with a suitable option promptly. Cigna Global - Individual Expat Health Insurance, Great cover, lots of options, and excellent customer service, 5* sales and service - James Cairn was excellent, Impossible to cancel old plan - bad customer service, The most professional and efficient health insurance company. Thanks to the team who looked after me and their patience in dealing with any issues that cropped up. I found Carillo Bianca very communicative, proactive, super helpful, and helped me to purchase the package within 30 minutes. Service excellence in helping to answer any queries that you have and have been extremely patience in answering all your questions. I joined Cigna Global as I was moving country and required healthcare insurance until I received insurance through my workplace. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 120 Cigna told me I just needed to give 7 days notice if I wanted to cancel for the next month. Chose Cigna as this seem to offer me what I required at a reasonable price and Gordon was very helpful. I just want to avoid a big bill should I have an emergency. Cigna Global - Individual Expat Health Insurance, Very unprofessional, unresponsive company, Cigna sales team were very helpful and professional, I need health insurance to get ba back to Bangkok as my wife currently is working though she is from the Philippines. It was a breeze applying for the insurance in Thailand. Consistently had the best plan for the price they offered, Drew was very helpful! )The price was fair for the amount of cover and service you get - I got quoted a lot higher for a lot less by other companies. I have spent hours on the phone and sent many, many emails. Cigna Global is a worldwide and well-known medical insurance provider, and anyone looking for reviews will find plenty. I appreciated that he understood my circumstances of living part time in the US and part time in Costa Rica. As most things in life, not everything goes as expected, and sometimes expectations don’t fit … Very classy and professional company. Most reviews are positive, but some can be negative. Even though they assured me to take care and book my money back.My request to cancel my policy until today remains unconfirmed and Cigna continues charging.It would have been a fair move by Cigna to release me from the contract, especially because I only made a claim where I got a marginal amount of 180 Euro refunded at the beginning of my period in January.The sales agent assured me in the beginning that my contract could be canceled flexible, which seems now that he was lying. The documentation were issued quickly too. I need health insurance to get back into Thailand having been stranded in Sri Lanka for 6 months. I have written to the customer care service again and still have had no reply. Andrew and Neil were great to work with. Fantastic and efficient service. Very unprofessional company with very poor, unresponsive service!! Geo blue provides a more honest and ethical option. Highly recommended to buy from this international insurance company. Absolutely fabulous service & would thoroughly recommend A+. The response time was impeccable and the follow up was highly noted. It was not always easy to reach someone by phone, but one of the colleagues would always get back to me. Looking to make a claim? We’re 4 days in from joining. We'd like to investigate the issue fully and resolve where possible. My CardBecause of COVID, Cigna informed me that it will be impossible to send my Card via my postal box in Côte d'Ivoire. When the time came I gave more than 7 days notice to the customer care team and heard no reply. Hi Miguel, we're sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with us. Very helpful professional and informative. Gave me ongoing information until the process was complete. Clear, affordable and was able to get coverage for myself and my family the same day. Thank you, Danika. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I worked with Danika Carillo. Previously had travel insurance that covered me for 169 days but because of the situation this was not viable. Reply from Cigna Global - Individual Expat Health Insurance Hi Monique, I'm sorry that you're unhappy with the level of service so far. Had some technical issues with the website, but was easy to get in touch via email to sort things out. Your experience matters. She was professional, well-informed and made the purchase of the policy very easy. It was 5* service from initial call through to post sales service. Our policy “does not exist” on customer portal. A friendly welcome, no stress took the time to explain the question marks I had. The process for setting up the insurance coverage was easy and Cigna had the plan I wanted. Thank you for finding the best plan for my needs. Could you please email us at with your policy ID so we can look into this for you? I highly recommend using them for your insurance needs! Great assistance! © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. How many stars would you give Cigna Global - Individual Expat Health Insurance? Great Company to work with. I even got my certificate in both my nationality & that of the country I’m moving to, at no extra charge. Nothing was done about it and I was charged a full amount for the next month! Furthermore, despite my many written requests for cancellation, Cigna has continued to deduct the premium for my old plan from my credit card.I spent over four hours on the phone a month ago in an attempt to cancel my old plan, getting transferred from one line to the next, being put on hold with one representative after another in a huge circle, being asked to wait and call back during business hours in other countries that are very inconvenient in Indonesia.I never made any headway, never managed to get my plan cancelled, and certainly never received a refund for my now irrelevant second health care policy.Finally, three weeks ago, I received an email back from a representative saying that their customer loyalty team was aware of my cancellation request and would contact me shortly.I still have not heard anything back.This is very concerning - what will happen if I have an emergency and actually need to make a claim or have Cigna verify that I am insured for urgent medical care?

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