The Trumpet Chromatic Scale What we’ve covered so far, including the open note, makes the seven descending valve combinations. & c w D 1 #w bw D# 2 Eb 2 w E Open w F 1 Bb Tpt. Title: 09 Trumpet - Region XXIII Scales and Chromatics - region band.musx Author: bpsteber Created Date: There's no root note. It would be unusual to play all of them in one song, but when learning to play, the chromatic scale is … Next on our how to play trumpet journey we'll look at trumpet major scales.. Trumpet Fingering Chart. Alternate fingerings for trumpet Why will need to stick out the third valve (using the third valve ring) when playing the first and third valve, and the first second and third valve combination. Yes (93) No (91) By connie bueno (visitor), 16 Jul 2010 at 00:00. good warm-up. Trumpet Minor Scales Learning trumpet minor scales. The Ultimate Warm Up For Trumpet The Ultimate Technical Study For Trumpet . & #w bw F# 2 Gb 2 w G Open #w bw G# 23 Ab 23 w A 12 Bb Tpt. This exercise also allows players to practice the scale in the sections that they are having trouble on. Chromatic Scale. When we write a chromatic scale on its own, the general rule is to use sharps as we go up the scale and flats as we go down the scale. Valves: 123 . High School Class B Trumpet Scales ALL of the junior high, Class C, Chromatic, and these scales: I need help with making a trumpet chromatic scale starting at a low F sharp(Fingering: 123) going all the way up to a high G natural(Fingering: 0) and back down. Was this review helpful? TRUMPET SCALES FOR CONTEST Scales must be memorized UP and DOWN Junior High Required Trumpet Scales. Chromatic scale - all tongued or all slurred. Was this review helpful? This scale pattern goes up in increments of six notes at a time and goes all the way up and comes back down. We also provide a great trumpet fingering chart on our how to play trumpet page to show you where to place your fingers and which valve combinations give the correct lengths of piping for playing various pitches. The first thing I was asked to play at a recent audition was the chromatic scale from my lowest note to my highest note and then back down. Next, you'll want to learn how to play those notes as a chromatic scale. Chromatic Scales for Different Instruments: Bass: On a bass, the chromatic scale includes an entire octave played in order. Trumpet Major Scales and Chromatic Scale Region XXIII Junior High Band Division Major scales - tongued up, slurred down. It's pretty easy to understand, it's just every note. Bb Tpt. There are 12 notes in our musical language and when played in order they make up a chromatic scale. It is important to learn the this scale when learning to play music, if not just to make sure you know all the notes on your instrument. & #w bw A# 1 Bb 1 w B 2 w C Open #w bw C# 12 Db 12 Bb Tpt. Trumpet Chromatic Exercise admin | October 16, 2018. Being able to play the chromatic scale from low F# to the C above the staff is a must for any student at any level. The first thing to do is take a look at our how to play trumpet beginners guide and familiarise yourself with how a trumpet works, basic music terminology and what a trumpet harmonic series is. Chromatic Scales Chromatic Scale Studies Jay Lichtmann ... like F-flat in a couple of places: would be F natural of F sharp only on trumpet, otherwise E natural?? This lesson is for trumpet players trying to learn their chromatic scale. This is the basic, simple approach. High School Class C Trumpet Scales ALL of the junior high trumpet scales plus the Chromatic Scale. The trumpet minor scales are the same notes as on any instrument.

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