Best AP Psychology Review Book for High-Scoring Students: Barron's AP Psychology, 9th Edition Cost: $10 for print, $10 for digital Barron's AP Psychology is a thorough and helpful guide for students studying for the AP Psych test; however, this isn't the best choice if you're looking for a way to review quickly. But if its practice tests aren't challenging enough, you might be in for a nasty surprise on the real AP exam. This book quickly summarizes the information, hitting most of the main concepts. Key features include: Memorization of key terms can be quite a chore. Also taking AP US History? A book that provides more structure will be helpful even for the most driven students, especially if you're not taking an actual AP Psychology class. This guide mainly contains information on different review books because most students already have an AP Psychology textbook and are primarily looking for supplementary materials to help them prepare for the exam. Find out how AP credit works for college classes. The 4 Best AP Psychology Books: Full Expert Reviews, Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Score, the AP Psych exam changed slightly in 2020, Best AP Psychology Review Book for Any Student, Best AP Psychology Review Book for High-Scoring Students, Best AP Psychology Review Book for Low-Scoring Students, this one, which goes over what Stockholm Syndrome is and whether or not it's real, make an informed decision about which AP classes you should take. Barron’s AP Psychology Flash Cards serves as a fantastic way to memorize key facts and information tested in the exam in a way that’s fun and entertaining. Continue on for detailed information on each book: Pros: Tons of full length practice tests in multiple formats.Cons: Some readers find the content too densely packed.Best For: Supplemental study aid for the duration of the course and leading up to the exam.Our Rating: 5 / 5. It has a comprehensive review of material, and great practice questions that really comes in handy leading up to the test. Given the breadth of information covered, it’s critical to have a good book to help you organize your limited study time. Check out our reviews for the best AP US History textbooks. An AP Psych review book can be well written and have all the content you need. Our top pick for best AP Psychology review book is Barron’s AP Psychology. Comprehensive review of the exam and format. To recap our list of recommendations: Our top pick overall and our choice for best review book for year-long study is Barron’s AP Psychology. Before I list the best books for AP Psychology, here's a little information about what constitutes a good AP review book. The book has a fantastic structure and breadth of content with lots of bonus materials. Targeted review focuses on just what you need for the exam. Our top pick for best AP Psychology review book is Barron’s AP Psychology. Understand how field developed, major historical figures, etc, Differentiate types of research, predict validity of explanations based on quality of research, etc, Identify basics of biological influence on behavior, discuss the influence of drugs on neurotransmitters, etc, Discuss basics of sensory transduction, common sensory disorders, etc, Describe them and their influence on behavior, describe uses and history of hypnosis, etc, Describe mechanisms and methods of learning, quality of learning methods, etc, Compare and contrast various cognitive processes, strategies for memory improvement, etc, Identify and apply motivational concepts, describe research and theories on motivation, etc, Interaction of nature and nurture, how gender influences socialization, etc, Explore theories on how personality traits develop, cultural influences, etc, Define intelligence, how it’s assessed, etc, Describe current and historical assessments of disorders, etc, Describe characteristics of interventions, summarize effectiveness, etc, Apply attribution theory to explain motives, discuss attitudes and how they change, etc, 70 minutes long and covers multiple themes and topics, 50 minutes long and contains 2 open ended questions. The student’s knowledge is assessed through a 2 hour exam containing questions in either multiple choice or free response format. 5 Steps to a 5 AP Psychology Flashcards cover over 600 terms which the author has identified as frequently appearing on the AP Psychology exam. Cracking The AP Psychology Exam is our second second choice for best AP Psychology review book this year. One big caveat, though, is that you should supplement the practice tests in this book with other official AP practice tests to ensure you're on track. Bulleted list of key information for each term. Keep an eye out for red flags. 15 multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. (If you want more practice tests, they also offer a premium version with five practice tests instead of two. If you’ve used and enjoyed any of the other 5 Steps To A 5 books, don’t hesitate to pick this one up! This book includes a clear, helpful introduction that answers any questions you might have about the AP Psychology exam, such as scoring, format, content, and what you'll need to bring on test day, There's a useful guide that tells you how long you should prep for the exam based on your personality and study habits; it then maps out detailed study plans for three different types of students, It gives you helpful tips on how to approach each type of question on the AP Psych test, Each chapter includes key concepts at the beginning and a "rapid review" section at the end that has a list of key terms and definitions, Content chapters thoroughly cover all the material on the AP Psychology test, The writing style is easy to follow and is organized in a way that breaks things down into easily digestible parts, Two practice exams are included at the end, along with an initial diagnostic test to assess your strengths and weaknesses; you can also access these same three practice tests online, The practice questions seem a bit easier than real AP Psychology questions, The guide on how to approach questions could be less wordy, and it doesn't go into detail about using the process of elimination for multiple-choice questions, which is an important strategy to include; ultimately, learning to effectively eliminate wrong answers is one of the best ways to improve your score. Our top picks for Best AP Psychology Flashcards are outlined below. You could also consider getting it if you hate the book you're using in class and feel that you would benefit from a different textbook. It's written logically and simply, and it does a great job of answering many of the questions students have about how to review for AP Psychology and what the test is like in general. In high school, she earned a 2400 on the SAT, 5's on all seven of her AP tests, and was named a National Merit Scholar.

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