just a heads up on why the bridge posts are smaller and the bridge wobbles! How’d it go? The trem is still weird. I was at the point of giving up ever getting the intonation set up. PS. But I've heard others use the trem on these and it sounds pretty cool. I rarely use the trem bar, and have stored it away, but I remember it working at least to some degree. $41.66. Some of the vendors had unwound strings for the B and high E. I will recommend the strings from these guys – they were packed very well, labeled clearly, the correct strings were sent, and the strings appeared to have a quality build. Answer Went ahead and decided to set the bass up anyway without the sleeves, and I noticed that at the bottom of the "bridge holes", it's not flat; there's a divot where the bridge set screw "points" go into, and if you can get them to stay in the divots with the strings up to pitch, then the bridge rocks back and forth with use of the tremolo arm. Thank you! View every option we offer and spec your build down to the last detail. Since they seem to be uncommon, I recommend you do a quick search on how to use them if you haven’t used them before. Unscrew the neck screws and remove the neck. This has the effect of lowering the action. The Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI and its sister the Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI are truly a unique design. When I took the neck off, I discovered there already were two pieces of sandpaper in the neck pocket which served as a shim. Shim inserted, bass set up, issue solved. And if so can you still use the trem? Do you use the tremolo at all with your current setup? This is a somewhat routine procedure – so there are plenty of resources on the web for this. :-)I have the sleeves on order, and they'll be here Wednesday. I am looking to get the P- Bass sound from a humbucker that will fit in the stock neck or middle position. 2nd note about the nut: Because of the cheap material they use, it’s a prime candidate for replacement when you have more time and money. There’s a laundry list of issues with this that will keep it off the mainstream for most people: So what’s the fix? You can either just run your wound string back and forth to open up the slot or CAREFULLY use a small file (Harbor Freight has a set of little files that work well). That's exactly that same problem I had. 3. I know this because I already pay both & always did. I love my Bass VI - my only issue now is that I still can't get the low E to intonate as much as I would like (like maybe get to the 7th fret before tuning starts to go). If you have any comments, questions, corrections or suggestions, feel free to let me know! UPDATE 5/7/15: I just found that you can get these at Grainger.com http://www.grainger.com/product/DAYTON-Bearing-2X3... 3. I have looked at the Bass VI threads. Their strings get a B+ or an A, shipping gets a C. The Squier VI has vintage tuners – I’m not sure why all guitars don’t have vintage tuners. Great work! The neck didn't need much additional truss rod tension compared to the stock strings, thankfully, and it is straight. A trip to Ace Hardware - They had brass sleeves that where 1/4” ID x 5/16” OD! It’s not very obvious that the bridge height is adjustable – I didn’t find out that there was a screw in the bridge posts until I took the bridge out to work on this thing. The Shop Set of 12 includes one each of every size, shape and taper: 3 shaped shims for guitar 3 shaped for bass 3 blank shims for guitar 3 blank shims for bass Made of solid maple to match the guitar neck. :), Reply Bummer. Alan Quilley shared a post. It actually sounded like a regular bass guitar with a regular bridge! Just loosen them and you will be able to get through all off this if you don’t want to buy new strings. Did you try the sleeves? They are the easiest tuners in the world to work with. I used a short piece of a flat brass rod. StewMac Bass Neck Shims for Bolt-on Necks, Made of Solid Maple, Blank, Set of 3 4.2 out of 5 stars 2. Even by adding that small piece of metal, you could visually see a difference in the string break-angle between the tailpiece and the bridge. Did you make this project? Glorious!once you've done that no specific harm in moving the original bridge pick up ( which is the loudest) to the neck position meaning you have upped your power everywhere that matters in stock configuration. $41.74 #15. Thanks for this. The Warmoth Showcase lets you view photos and buy from our current selection of bodies and necks. I'm not sure why we have to go through all of this in the first place on these! It’s the quickest and cheapest way to get the parts you need. As a guitar player, it’s great to be able to pick up this 6 string bass guitar and be at home right off the bat. your call, then chose whether to make the mod.Similar with the string change, the strings are chosen to straddle the bass world & the guitar world with some precision. The shorter scale is more guitar player friendly as well (but maybe not as authentic as a P-bass or something). Place a shim between the neck and the back of the neck pocket nearest the body. Good to hear you got it to work! Share it with us! All I'm achiving here is to add more to the decision in what was a spectacularly helpful article I really appreciate existing. Great to hear you got it going!!!! I found mine at Ace Hardware - But I just found them at Grainger. I've been avoiding the Mastery bridge because I'm not fond of combined saddles. But I've never felt the need on this thing. Thanks and good luck! But the trem on these don't alter the pitch late much - not like a strat or something. If I could find something to take up that space, I’d be set. May 14 at 4:45 PM. The pickup selector is a cool idea. All the way down, so to speak. I like my VI-string as a small bass rather than a large guitar. Exactly. Reply It turned out the measurements were about ¼” for the post OD and 5/16” for the receiver ID. Sometimes I even succeed! I think that's a great point to make in any of these mod articles. Age: 40 2,241. The bridge is raised and reversed, and tight in the thimbles and the neck is shimmed, I now have very playable guitar. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. But I most likely won’t use it on this guitar, so that’s a non-issue for me. Are you sure you wish to clear All items from your cart? I bought one of these on a whim because it was second-hand and going very cheap. I struggled with this guitar off and on for several months. NOTICE: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on. Click on the for more information about that option. The neck pitch was slightly off. A shim place at the back of the neck pocket (as described above) will change the neck to body angle by effectively pushing the headstock backwards. May 14 at 3:19 PM. The key is to only widen the sides – DO NOT MAKE THE SLOT ANY DEEPER. I fought with my Bass VI for a long time before I was able to figure out the many steps I needed to take of these same issues. This article is fantastic! If you study that first page of this Instructable, it goes over all of this. I am having issues with the low E; it seems that if I want to get the intonation right, I have to back the saddle up so much that the protruding intonation adjustment screw gets in the way of the vibrating string. Come on, where's QC? :-)Having said that, I'm looking forward to the tonal difference that the brass sleeves will give me. if you add heavier strings it will sound and feel more bass like which is great for bassists. 1 year ago. 4. Thanks for the fast reply! I did a normal set-up after all of this and was blown away by the quality of the sound, solid bass punch and tight tuning. Reply Musicians Unite. Pack of 10 Black Guitar Bass Plastic Neck Plate Gasket Cushion Shim Pad Guitar Protective Parts 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.

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